Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Joys

2010 was one of my best Christmas since I was a kid getting my first pretend kitchen.  Now I had to share that kitchen with my sister and it was made from wood but it was wonderful.  This Christmas was wonderful because I shared it with my favorite people and everyone got along.  It was the first year I hosted instead of my Mom, and I think it went very well.

I received books from my wish list and I can't wait to get is what you can expect inspiration from in my new designs.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Inspiration

On Dec 23, 1996 one of the biggest inspirations of my life was son Justin.  He is a wonderful and thought provoking son.  His constant questions of life and philosophical views keep me hoping. I remember every minute of his growing up and yet some how I can't see where all the time has gone.

My sweet and gentle son may this birthday be filled with laughter and fill your soul with joy.  May the blessings of the Lord keep you safe and help guide you through the rough waters of being a teenager.  I pray that you will look back and remember the love you have and shed it a thousand times over on the people in your life. 

I love you and Happy Birthday!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Excitment

I am so excited the week before Christmas.  Today is a day of baking and cooking.  Getting all my holiday goodies ready to eat.  The house will be filled with the scent of cookies and chocolate very soon.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Strangers Knee

Every year at this time I start to reflect on the funny things that happen everyday. Having kids 6 years apart can give you prospective on things that you may not have with an only child or kids that are close in age.  Here is a thought for you.  My now 8yr old has never sat on Santa's knee!  I can here the "whats" you are thinking.  What mother doesn't drag her child to a stop in the mall or store for a moment with Santa for her 

Picture this...Christmas 2003 our first Christmas as a single mom family.  I got the boys matching shirts and got them all ready to go see Santa and off to the mall we go.  Justin walking beside me talking I am sure since he never stopped once he learned how to talk and Connor in his stroller just as sweet as the day is long.  Justin spots the tip of the big red chair where Santa sits awaiting all the children wishes and wants.  At this point my camera is half way out of my little mans first Santa picture...hooray.  We stand in line for what seems 3 days but was really 30 mins or so.  Hearing all the kids cry and whine about being hungry and tired and wanting something...not my boys just Justin talk, talk, talk and Connor so quiet taking in all the wonders of the mall at Christmas.  Finally it is our turn I am so excited Justin goes so happily and I take Connor out the stroller hold his little hand walking the few feet to where my glorious picture awaits.  Oh NO Connor takes one look at Santa and starts crying...some may say yep that is what happens but you plop them on his knee get the best picture you can at this point and done.  Which was going to be the next step until my sweet Justin looks at us and with his very thoughtful thoughts says  something like Mom why do you make us sit on his knee...I thought we should talk to strangers.  It suddenly hits me I talk and talk about don't go with a stranger, don't talk to strangers, blah, blah, blah and yet here I was pushing my crying child who wanted nothing to do with this stranger on his lap to get a picture.  I am sure the gent in the Santa suit was just as happy not to have one more pee filled crying baby on his lap.  So I step to the side with Connor and Justin gets his picture taken.  At that moment I said if you don't want to get your picture with Santa we don't have to.  Connor has never wanted a picture with Santa so alas there is no photographic evidence of Connors Christmas progression with Santa.

After that moment Justin has never wanted to see Santa and I just have them give me the list for Santa.  

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Stuff

Well with all the creation string flying, beads rolling, and creativity oozing out I have forgotten to post some of my projects.  Here is some pictures of stuff I have made.  The Glory necklace was inspired by La Bella Joya's Rusty Turquoise Necklace .  Some of it I just listed over on etsy.  The green bracelet with flowers has metal bead with a tree on one side and leaf on the other with "grow" on one side and "strong on the other by Green Girl Beads

Cardinal Star

Amethyst Star

Amethyst Star




Marilyn for a Christmas present

other side of Marilyn

Christmas for my sister

Christmas for my sister

Christmas present


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What is in a color

Finding just the right color of bead is a mission.  Once you find it then you have to decide on Matte, Silver Lined, Opaque, and so many more choices.  I love the hunt!  Then sometimes I find it and then I can't make anything.  I see the design in my head and unless I have "the vision" nothing worth while will be had.

I chose the Fresco of the Lilies for my color pallet then I found this gorgeous center stone "Dragon Blood" my wheels are turning and I am thinking of my design.  In the mean time I have created several pieces and will post tomorrow when I can take pictures outside instead of setting up the light box at midnight.

Fresco of the Lilies

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Big Bite

So among all the gifts and requests I am trying to finish I have decided to enter a challenge.  What are you crazy, is that what you are thinking.  Well that is exactly what came over me when I decided  to create a piece of jewelry for the "Margie and Me color throw down" by Marcie Abney of La Bella Joya. 

When Marcie first posted the challenge I thought,  well not this time I am already overwhelmed but then I saw the beautiful stones in the prizes.  I love Marcie's work because she uses the most beautiful stones and beads.  Naturally when I saw the prize I have to attempt to win them.

In the color throw down Marcie gives you multiple color palettes to pick from  Margie Deebs book The Beader's Color Pallet (which is on my wish list for Christmas).  I have chosen Lilies Fresco I think.  So we shall see what comes from it.

I will post my progress over the next couple of weeks since this is due 12/28/10. 

Friday, December 10, 2010


What is a friend?  Is it the person you see everyday at work or home?  Is it your husband or wife?  Maybe a friend is that you can come in sit down and tell your misery to.   What ever makes someone your friend it  is all connected to feelings. Feelings of acceptance, security, and compatibility make for friendships. 

Working with people who are dying makes me take a look at my friends all the time.  I see such injustices and beautiful friendships that that endured over many seasons.  For me my friends are some of the finest people in the world.  They have so many funny stories, touching moments, and sometimes bad times but are truly amazing people.

Some of the Girls

Pomegranate Pear Champagne Cocktail

Caviar with Sour Cream on toast squares

Denise enjoying the caviar and champagne cocktail
Every Friday night (or mostly) we have girls wine and cheese with cocktail of the week thrown in for good measure.  It started with my friend Denise and me.  Little by little we add more and more.  I look at group of people from professional to stay at home mom and think I am so lucky to have such a great group of friends to call mine. Friendship must be cultivated and cared for.  You have to find ways to let people know who much you care and appreciate them.  Take a moment and inventory your friends.  When was the last time you told them you loved them or you prayed for them.  When was the last time you did something for someone just to make them feel good.  Love you friends and show them all the time how much they are needed in your life.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Time...What Time

I have been so busy tiring to create and design jewelry for Christmas gifts, I realized last night I haven't finished any of projects.  With 15 days left I have a lot to pull off.  I have a total of 8 projects to finish, start, or something in between. 

I am doing a bracelet for my niece, that after it is complete it will be Marilyn Monroe's face made out of 9 different seed beads.  I have gotten about 1/3 of the way done when 2 of the beads broke.  The beads then acted as a saw and cut through the string and voila as I am stitching beads start falling off.  So back to the tedious beginning I go.  I had to put down because I got so frustrated trying to read the pattern after I had already crossed through the 87 lines I had completed.

Well I have finished a couple of inspiration pieces.  The cuff I blogged about earlier this week and this little cutie.  I call "Dance" because the pear or tear shaped jade in the center reminds me of gentle movement like a dance.

  Happy Holidays and may your gifts include creativity

Monday, December 6, 2010

New Listings

I saw these Lapodilite stones and new exactly what I wanted this to be the dance of Sugar Plum Fairy or at least some thing of that nature.  I love this one and the colors are perfect (I can't be modest on this one).

Challenge You

At this time of the year it can be very crazy with shopping, selling, running around, people, crowds, snow, or whatever it is that makes you crazy right now.  So today I challenge you to create something that shows your crazy world.  Either jewelry, flowers, sewing, or whatever you can think of to show. 

Let the crazy begin!!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


My husband calls  jewelry making an obsession with me.   So even though I have ideas and designs running through my head, I have stop and remember the important things; Family.  I never want him or the boys to feel less important then jewelry. 

So the balancing act works something like this;  I spent a couple of hours working on projects before we left for my Dads birthday party.  Including this ring I made to go with my outfit and went PERFECTLY.

Then when we got home I spent the rest of the evening watching movies and eating chicken with my sweet husband.  Even though I wanted to go and finish somethings, I resisted and spent it with him.  That is what life is all about.  Loving people more then you love yourself sometimes.  Now I have to finish up some Christmas gifts and then I can start working on my new beading challenge for Etsy Beadweaving Team.  The theme is Royalty, and I have my thinking cap on.

Happy Holidays

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fabulous Give Away

This is an amazing give away.  the 12 Days of Christmas from Where Women Create is going to be an excellent give away.  The first one is a very generous gift of Where Women Create Magazine, Cookbook, charm, swag bag and more.  Really amazing.