Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Strangers Knee

Every year at this time I start to reflect on the funny things that happen everyday. Having kids 6 years apart can give you prospective on things that you may not have with an only child or kids that are close in age.  Here is a thought for you.  My now 8yr old has never sat on Santa's knee!  I can here the "whats" you are thinking.  What mother doesn't drag her child to a stop in the mall or store for a moment with Santa for her 

Picture this...Christmas 2003 our first Christmas as a single mom family.  I got the boys matching shirts and got them all ready to go see Santa and off to the mall we go.  Justin walking beside me talking I am sure since he never stopped once he learned how to talk and Connor in his stroller just as sweet as the day is long.  Justin spots the tip of the big red chair where Santa sits awaiting all the children wishes and wants.  At this point my camera is half way out of my little mans first Santa picture...hooray.  We stand in line for what seems 3 days but was really 30 mins or so.  Hearing all the kids cry and whine about being hungry and tired and wanting something...not my boys just Justin talk, talk, talk and Connor so quiet taking in all the wonders of the mall at Christmas.  Finally it is our turn I am so excited Justin goes so happily and I take Connor out the stroller hold his little hand walking the few feet to where my glorious picture awaits.  Oh NO Connor takes one look at Santa and starts crying...some may say yep that is what happens but you plop them on his knee get the best picture you can at this point and done.  Which was going to be the next step until my sweet Justin looks at us and with his very thoughtful thoughts says  something like Mom why do you make us sit on his knee...I thought we should talk to strangers.  It suddenly hits me I talk and talk about don't go with a stranger, don't talk to strangers, blah, blah, blah and yet here I was pushing my crying child who wanted nothing to do with this stranger on his lap to get a picture.  I am sure the gent in the Santa suit was just as happy not to have one more pee filled crying baby on his lap.  So I step to the side with Connor and Justin gets his picture taken.  At that moment I said if you don't want to get your picture with Santa we don't have to.  Connor has never wanted a picture with Santa so alas there is no photographic evidence of Connors Christmas progression with Santa.

After that moment Justin has never wanted to see Santa and I just have them give me the list for Santa.  

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  1. I know you meant 'shouldn't talk to strangers' ;-) Shame no pic though, I only took Kristen about 3 times from the age of 1, one year she started crying too but they managed to get a pic just a few seconds before... I was going to tell them to take it anyway, it would be a laugh to look back on LOL :-)