Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What is in a color

Finding just the right color of bead is a mission.  Once you find it then you have to decide on Matte, Silver Lined, Opaque, and so many more choices.  I love the hunt!  Then sometimes I find it and then I can't make anything.  I see the design in my head and unless I have "the vision" nothing worth while will be had.

I chose the Fresco of the Lilies for my color pallet then I found this gorgeous center stone "Dragon Blood" my wheels are turning and I am thinking of my design.  In the mean time I have created several pieces and will post tomorrow when I can take pictures outside instead of setting up the light box at midnight.

Fresco of the Lilies

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  1. Do you have to keep assembling the light box? I wish we had huge craft rooms to play in where everything was there when we needed it ;) I'm thinking I might try to clear out the 'storage' room in the New Year and set my craft stuff up in there... feel like getting back to making some cards/notes again too and writing to family and friends more next year. So much fun stuff to do... so little time ;)
    have a great day.