Monday, December 13, 2010

A Big Bite

So among all the gifts and requests I am trying to finish I have decided to enter a challenge.  What are you crazy, is that what you are thinking.  Well that is exactly what came over me when I decided  to create a piece of jewelry for the "Margie and Me color throw down" by Marcie Abney of La Bella Joya. 

When Marcie first posted the challenge I thought,  well not this time I am already overwhelmed but then I saw the beautiful stones in the prizes.  I love Marcie's work because she uses the most beautiful stones and beads.  Naturally when I saw the prize I have to attempt to win them.

In the color throw down Marcie gives you multiple color palettes to pick from  Margie Deebs book The Beader's Color Pallet (which is on my wish list for Christmas).  I have chosen Lilies Fresco I think.  So we shall see what comes from it.

I will post my progress over the next couple of weeks since this is due 12/28/10. 

1 comment:

  1. It looks festive in your home too ;-) Can't wait to see what you're creating.