Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011 it is nice to meet you

2010 was a year of growth for me.  Looking back over the year I see how life changed and I grew without realizing it at the time. I renewed friendships I thought where lost, grew stronger bonds with friends, accepted things I couldn't changed and changed thing I could.  I left a job and started another.  I think most important is I realized how much I love life.  Every aspect and color inspires me. 

2011 is a welcome partner in my world.  I have only one resolution and that is to enjoy everyday.  Look at each day as a gift and open it with surprise and wonder.  See the leaves, grass, and the petals of flowers and allow their beauty to inspire my creating.  To enjoy the smiles and laughter of my children.  Watch them grow and help them flourish.


  1. Happy New Year my friend, I hope it's a GREAT one :-)

  2. I really like your "resolution" and I'm SO needing to do that right now. Really. :) Happy New Year to you.