Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Quiet....Oh where are you

I dream of beautiful baubles and beads.  What I can do with them, sketch them and work them over and over in my head.  Then I sit down to create this beauty and nothing!  Why?  For me the quiet is my friend maybe a little music low in the background but not to loud.  Instead I have noise everywhere; TV on while my husband watches it, kids running around playing and screaming at each other, dogs barking...you know everyday life.  I work a full time job and pray for the day when I can be home creating, designing, and making my jewelry.  A day where I am not trying to clean, cook dinner, finish work I brought home, being a Mom, Wife, and oh yeah make jewelry.  

I have tried taking the room furthest away from all the commotion and making it my crafts room but then I felt isolated and a little guilty I have to say.  I could be in there for hours and forget about the rest of the house, but that only works until you step out of your world and into reality.  The reality of kids getting snacks and making a mess.  The reality of your husband feeling abandoned.

So what is the solution?  For now,  I have my work space in our office and I get up early to enjoy the peace and quiet.  

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