Monday, November 15, 2010

A Crafters Delight

Well the last craft fair of the season was a moderate success and I felt really good about it.  As I looked at all my jewelry laid out for all to see, it occurred to me just how far I have come as a jewelry maker/designer.  I was truly proud of the things I accomplished.

It made me think about how I came up with some of the pieces I did.  I look at beads and see people, flowers, designs, and it all flows into a piece of jewelry.   For example last night as I am sitting looking through my beads working on another project (I tend to have many projects going at the same time, but that insanity is for another time :) ) I saw an Carnelian rectangle bead and thought of Cleopatra.  After a few minutes this is what I thought of and by this morning I finished this piece. 
Queen Hair Clip

I never thought of hair jewelry before and I really enjoyed making it.  I also made this cute rose hair clip and loved the way it turned out. 

it is a little dark in the pic since m 13 yr wouldn't be the model only the photographer  

And finally a few snap shots of the booth for Georgetown Market Days.  I love doing craft fair and talking to all the people that come by the booth.

I loved this I made it for out booth

  And the day was made perfect when my beautiful sister and niece stopped in to say hello.


  1. Love the hair jewelry, they are so pretty :) Might see you tomorrow, unless J says he's not working - again!!

  2. Love your music and thoughts! You're Amazing!

  3. Cheryl,
    I'm so glad you enjoyed your craft show. I wore my bracelet and earrings for the first time tonight and I just adore them again....thank you so much!!! I have a few Christmas craft shows coming up too...I've been making candles day and night it felt so good to get out tonight and go to the Lady A concert boy did they put on a good show we had a blast!!! Hope you have a great week ahead :)


  4. Love the Queen hair clip! I'm so glad you had a good show season. They are a ton of work, but it's so rewarding to sell face-to-face, isn't it?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today...