Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Thanksgiving to Remember

Wow where has the time gone?  I thought I just put away my Christmas tree...but here we are again with much excitement.  I have been over my Christmas list a hundred times, finding just the right thing for each of my special people. Every year our family has each person give a "What I am thankful for" speech prior to eating and after we pray.  Last night in among the sorting of ideas for gifts and decoration I remembered I need to get my thoughts together for my  tribute of thankfulness.  I sat for a long time just looking at a blank paper; What I am thankful for and why kept going round and round my head.  For me trying to make people feel good and making everyone happy, I had forgotten just how blessed I am. This is a brief synopsis of my speech:

I am thankful for all the little things in my life.  The blessing of 2 wonderful children.  They are typical boys and I can't believe how fast they have grown. I am thankful that Justin is  opinionated and goofy, it gives me opportunities to talk with him and shape him.

I am thankful Connor is persistent and excited, it helps remind me not to give in on the things that are truly important.

 I am thankful for my sisters both in Christ and blood.  I am blessed to have such loving women in my life.  Thankful for their opinions and knowledge.  Giving me opportunities for thought, love, and sometimes even irritation :), but always thankful for their loving arms to rest in when I am out of steam.

Thankful for loving parents.  I am blessed to have both parents living.  When you get to a certain age all of a sudden people have lost one or both parents.  I am so very thankful to have them within reach of me daily.  To have parents to help and support me raising my boys.

Most all I am thankful for a loving God who places each and every person in my life for a reason.  For creating me and supporting me in the darkest of places.  For reminding me that I am exactly the person he created and that is really cool. 

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble Happy Thanksgiving

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  1. So many blessings, we all have so much to be thankful for. Beautiful post my friend. Have a wonderful day.xxxx