Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today starts a new day of watching my eating and exercise.  A feeling of renewal has come over many aspects of my world and life style is a big one.  I read something the other day it is has been running through my mind ever since; "10 daily task of a Christian" the article talked about praying, exercise and lots of other stuff.  So I decided I would make up my own list to remind me of my commitments and priorities.   This is the first 5, tomorrow I will post the last 5. 

  1. Pray-Get up everyday at the same time and before you facebook read your bible and pray
  2.  Exercise-God made us he wouldn't like the way we take care of us
  3. Pray-Through out your day pray.  Pray for the people on the road, the church you just drove past, pray for the people how drive you crazy, Just Pray
  4.  Be kind-Do on to others and you would have done to you.  Remember it.  Think about how and what you say to people.  It doesn't matter if the don't get it or are rude to you.  That may be the moment that changes their life.
  5.  Get God's purpose in mind-Even if are having a bad day remember how God would treat you.

Focus on this today!


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  1. I love your list. I need to start getting more organized with my days too, now that the busy holiday season is fast approaching. Off to buy more ribbon today! Have a great